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unique & colorful graphic design
by Jamie McCanless

os x icons : newest

Scheldes VI l

The last of my cache of monogram icons, this installment has the letter L and monograms la through lz. More Scheldes VI sets are on the Scheldes page. Now to make the remaining 13 sets for letters E G I J M P Q R U V W X and Y.

27 icons
Scheldes VI preview

Warpen Pryde Folders

The anniversary celebration of warrior~poet icons continues with a GLBT edition of Warpen Folders. Visibility and inclusion, that's my motto, and these colorful pride stripes and lively folders are another step in that direction.

80 icons
Warpen Pryde Folders preview

Warpen Folders

I published my first OS X icons in March 2002. Four years and more than 1,600 icons later, this set celebrates the anniversary of warrior~ poet icons with my first ever file folder designs.

130 icons
Warpen Folders preview


Here, catch! No need to shout "Throw me something" to get this gaudy set of purple, gold, and green Mardi Gras icons. If you would like to throw something, send email greetings. :-)

7 icons
Carnival preview
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