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unique & colorful graphic design
by Jamie McCanless

os x icons : holidays


Here, catch! No need to shout "Throw me something" to get this gaudy set of purple, gold, and green Mardi Gras icons. If you would like to throw something, send email greetings. :-)

7 icons
Carnival preview

Eggs Aplenty

"Never mind the chocolate, look what else the bunny brought!" rhymes our youngest. Like him, I'm drawn to brightly colored, decorated Easter eggs, so much so that this set has twelve dozen egg icons. The virtual chickens are exhausted!

144 icons
Eggs Aplenty preview
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Stone Ground

    Good evening! How delicious of you to drop in. Would you care to join me for a moonlit stroll?
    Look at that unusual collection of headstones out here in the middle of nowhere! Oh, let's do

22 icons
Stone Ground preview

examine them.
    You see one that bears my name? Surely not! If that was my grave, I'd have to be… undead.
    Perhaps you should take a closer look, just to be certain. I'll be right behind you…


Ah, autumn! It's that wonderful time of year when shadowy creatures gather in dark, hidden places for All Hallows Eve fun. I wheedled and coaxed these galoots for weeks before they would reveal themselves. Get 'em!

12 icons
Boo-galoo preview
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JamieCo Design at

WarP o'Lanterns

Costume parties and decorations, sweets and harmless japes, All Hallows Eve can be a rollicking good time! No wonder it's my favorite holiday. Treat yourself to these icons and give your spirits a boost. Happy Hallowe'en!

16 icons
WarP o'Lanterns preview
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JamieCo Design at


For those whose love so deeply entangles the small roots of the heart that even the strongest wind that blows shall not separate them. In that spirit of interconnection, my knots' names are Native American words for "heart."

5 icons
Heartknots preview

Short 'n Sweet

You *can* have candy conversation hearts with a custom motto… if you buy 1,700,000 of them. I put my messages on a set of icons instead. A few at the bottom might have broken during shipping. Sorry about that. Happy Valentines Day.

50 icons
Short 'n Sweet preview


Pink hearts! Red hearts! Gold hearts, too. Purple, if you're feeling blue. Cards and mail and chocolate, have a look at what I've got! On and in and as some boxes, icons for your files and dockses! Groaning at my verse? That's fine, but won't you be my Valentine?

24 icons
Short 'n Sweet preview
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