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unique & colorful graphic design
by Jamie McCanless

os x icons : et cetera

Warpen Folders

I published my first OS X icons in March 2002. Four years and more than 1,600 icons later, this set celebrates the anniversary of warrior~ poet icons with my first ever file folder designs.

130 icons
Warpen Folders preview
[also available from
JamieCo Design at
CafePress & Zazzle]


After designing a red awareness ribbon, I asked myself "Why stop at just one color?" "No reason at all," I answered, so I didn't.

25 icons
Awareness preview

Just 4(D) Fun

Gaston by Leo Fink creates bright, shiny designs. It's a bit like maneuvering the crane of a carnival game into snagging elusive toys, except that this time the prizes are these playful icons.

20 icons
Just 4(D) Fun preview
[also available from
JamieCo Design at
CafePress & Zazzle]


Feeling tribal? Think Ink! I like the look of tribal tattoos. They are primal, bold, a little wild… just like this set of icons. Of course, Ink is easier to move around your Mac than your skin, so tattoo your desktop today!

12 icons
Ink preview


My namesake and six of his brothers are all five years old this year. For each, I designed a gift graphic of a specially-chosen Mayan glyph. Now, their birthday gifts make a fine set of icons (with the boys' gleeful consent, of course).

7 icons
ZD03 preview


Got balls? Bounce these onto your desktop! Here are team sports balls for baseball, basketball, cricket, football, jai alai, lacrosse, rugby, soccer, softball, and volleyball.

20 icons
Lotsaballs preview


Houses that barely vary in style, sport neutral "colors" and identical mailboxes are creepy. Here, have some diversity! Based on styles found in America, the only common features of these houses are the dimensions of their doorways.

10 icons
Domicile preview


Few sights cheer me like hot air balloons drifting across the sky. It must take skill and experience, but they look so free, untroubled, and colorful! Until I can soar aloft, I'll just scatter balloons across my desktop. May your digital skies be as fair and balloon filled.

126 icons
Aloft preview
[also available from JamieCo
Design at CafePress]


Pixelpalooza 2003Ancient Mayan writing intrigues me. OS X Jaguar inhabits my Mac. Time to pattern a set of icons on jaguar-y Mayan glyphs. And it won a Runner Up in Pixelpalooza!

30 icons
B'alam-a-rama preview


A friend sent a graphic… pink, squirmy, and glistening. Vaguely disturbing, but intriguing. I asked how he'd made it and ended up designing my own that don't quite look like real objects (I hope). Fun!

20 icons
Globs preview


These were once graphic scraps that didn't fit a design but were still a bit nifty, like the promise of a fantastic bloom or untouched pigment daubed on an artist's palette. Now they're some of both. Ta-dah!

38 icons
Colorbuds preview


I am still happily puttering with heraldry- inspired designs. Charges—objects depicted on shields—are certainly iconworthy by themselves. Here are six, glowing and gleaming in six colors each. Which do you like best?

36 icons
Charges preview
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